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5 Important Things You Should Consider Before Thinking Of Having Cosmetic Surgery

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Something in your personality is constantly bothering you and so, you have taken the decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure. However, the decision should be taken after a lot of considerations. What are the things you should consider? Here they are.

1. Are You Healthy Enough to Undergo a Cosmetic Surgery?

Before taking the decision of undergoing a cosmetic surgery Bondi from Dr. Naveen Somia, you have to think on whether you are sufficiently healthy for it.

Make sure you open up your full medical history before your cosmetic surgeon. Your cosmetic surgeon is unable to give you a precise evaluation if you don’t disclose your health problems. And then if something goes wrong, you may have to suffer a horrible loss.

Telling lies about your health to your surgeons provides them excuses from accountability if any complications take place.

It’s true that certain health problems may stop you from having a cosmetic surgery. But won’t it be better if you remain alive rather than becoming a surgically enhanced corpse?

2. What is the Procedure Called and What does it Include?

Knowing what the procedure is called and knowing what it actually includes are two different things. This doesn’t mean that you should know the details, like what type of scalpel your cosmetic surgeon will be using. However, you must know whether the procedure can achieve the outcomes you want.

You should also know if it is the appropriate procedure for your body part for which you want enhancement. It’s important for you to know the medical term for the procedure so that you can make it sure when the staff of the hospital or medical centre asks.

3. What are the Risks?

You need not worry much because cosmetic procedures are usually performed without any problem. Still, you should know that complications can arise during the particular procedure you will be going through.

Infection is only one problem that can arise. Plus, you will get scars after a cosmetic surgery. They may not always result in nice fine lines. Sometimes they can look widened or raised. You should know about these complications before having the procedure.

Another threat is that despite your doctor and his colleagues are very happy with the result of the surgery, you may not feel happy. This happens when you haven’t discussed the limitations of the surgery beforehand and have impractical expectations.

4. What do You Expect from the Surgery?

Obviously you expect an enhancement in the outline of a specific body part. Probably you may gain an enhancement in your self-esteem too. If you have kept expectations of anything more than this, you should be aware of the limitations of the surgery.

5. Type of Results You can Expect from a Cosmetic Surgery

Your cosmetic surgeon has control only over what takes place inside the operation theatre. Regardless of how fantastically he does the job, it cannot guarantee a relationship enhancement, job promotion or improved social status. Cosmetic surgery won’t cure eating disorders or depression.

Also, if you are not ready to accept the surgery your cosmetic surgeon is suggesting to have the best possible outcomes, either because you are concerned about a longer recovery or longer scars, you should be ready for a lesser outcome.

Not following the post-op instructions can also give bad results.

Lastly, if your aim is to look like a Barbie doll or have a heavenly pair of breasts or nose, you may be extremely disappointed. Either you may look too ‘plastic’ in the end or you may think you don’t look good enough. Your aim must be improvement.

Consult with Dr Naveen about these aspects and get your mind clear to prepare it well for the surgery.