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Aesthetic Trends of 2018

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Non-surgical is the new surgical

The non-surgical trend has been making its name for itself for a while now, and in 2018 it will only continue to grow as new and improved technologies are developed to tighten, shape, erase, lift and rejuvenate the skin. From fat melting to body sculpting, groundbreaking non-invasive techniques will continue to provide individuals with several options to meet their desired self-improvement results. Plastic surgery, especially body and breast contouring procedures, will remain a pillar for more dramatic alterations.

A shift off the face

Throughout 2018 we will see a more significant change from treating the face to treating areas on the body like the arms and legs. Radio-frequency treatment works excellent for tightening lax skin and because of this innovative treatment option women are much more confident now, and you see a lot more of them wearing sleeveless tops. Non-facial cosmetic injections are also becoming popular. They are great for treating distinct areas of fat that are way too small to be corrected with fat freezing or liposuction in areas like above the knee.

Treating fine lines before they develop

Botox and other neurotoxins have become more popular especially with younger patients. People are not waiting for their lines to form before they start using cosmetic injections. Prevention is critical, and individuals who are in their 20s to early 30s are having treatment before the lines actually appear. If you’re considering treating fine lines and wrinkles before they appear visit the cosmetic injection experts at

Micro-Botox goes mainstream

Micro-Botox is bound to be the next big trend this year. The Micro-Botox is injected in the dermal layer of skin (more superficially), and in smaller amounts than the standard Botox injection treatment, and it works to decrease oil production, smooth out skin and minimise pore size.

Nonsurgical nose jobs are back

Fillers can be used to improve the shape of the nose providing subtle, not dramatic results; although not permanent, it is less expensive than rhinoplasty surgery. Non-surgical, non-invasive nose jobs will not make a nose smaller, but they do help camouflage area and correct imperfections that are concerning to patients.

All about threads

The practice of lifting the face and body with threads is new and improved and here to stay. The threading technique works really well because it stimulates collagen. The doctor places the thread in position and moves the skin over it. The results are immediate, however, gradually over time the lifting effect continues to improve.