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These Methods Will Help You Eliminate Marijuana from Your Body

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Many people want to eliminate marijuana from their body for certain reasons, and the most common is the drug test for a job.This test usually includes a urine test to measure the concentration of metabolites.When consuming marijuana, the levels of the metabolite tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) increase and remain in the fatty tissue of your body for different periods of time, depending on many factors.

The process of cleansing the body of drugs is known as detoxification and can take from several days to several weeks, but if you have an urgent interview it is best to drink detox drinks to quickly eliminate the metabolites and one of the most effective drinks is the xxtra clean. This one detox product that really works and works fast, id the exit-5 xxtra clean. You can read the xxtra clean review here.

Even if you do not have a drug test at work, there are many people who wonder how to detoxify their body after they have used marijuana.Here are other methods that will help you get rid of your body’s marijuana.


1- Taking Creatine

Creatine is a product that you can find in food supplement stores and that does not need a prescription. It will accelerate the process of elimination of toxins. Although the dose depends on the size of the individual, and also how frequently you smoke. Many people take about 100 mg per day during the two or three days before the test or detoxification.

2- Drinking Lots Of Water

Your body will need to be hydrated to eliminate toxins. Make sure you drink plenty of water, as this will speed up urination and help eliminate toxins from the body. The recommended is a liter of water throughout the day for a week.

3- Drinking Cranberry Juice

The blueberries will help you eliminate excess sodium and water. It is a natural diuretic. It is recommended to drink two large glasses a day.

4- Visiting The Sauna

Sweating in a sauna can be a way to eliminate the remains of marijuana. It is a less effective method than urine or feces, but any form of detoxification, even if it is minimal, will help us.

5- Drinking Alcohol

If you consume alcohol, you will accelerate the detoxification process since alcohol is a diuretic. One or two beers daily the days before the test will be enough. Alcohol will appear in the test to make sure it does not influence.

6- Drinking Vinegar

Although the vinegar can help us eliminate the remains of marijuana due to its acidity, we must bear in mind that consuming it in large quantities can be very harmful to the body.

7- Taking Of Green Tea

Tea is a natural detoxifier. You should make sure to drink a couple of cups a day.It supports the liver in this process and gives you a large number of electrolytes, antioxidants and vitamin C. With this you will increase your metabolism and detoxify your body faster and naturally.

8- Always Training

Practicing sports will be one of your best bets to rid your body of the toxins of marijuana. People with high levels of body fat will store THC in their fat cells for longer so it will be more difficult to eliminate them.

You should mix up strength exercises with aerobic exercises such as running or swimming. It is one of the most effective ways to eliminate toxins naturally and also improve your health.