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What You Need to Know About Otoplasty

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Otoplasty is a surgery designed to reduce the appearance of prominent or protruding ears. Known as ear plastic surgery or ear corrective surgery, otoplasty procedures aim to make the ears more proportionate to the rest of the face and head. Sometimes, your plastic surgeon may opt to “pin back” your ears surgically. In other instances, the surgeon may opt to reshape your ears to make them more symmetrical or even reduce their size to help balance your features. Even the most subtle changes made to the ears can have dramatic effects on your overall appearance.

When you choose to have an otoplasty procedure, choose a surgeon who is qualified and experienced in administering otoplasty like; Dr Zurek is otoplasty specialist from Sydney. Your surgeon should walk you through his or her actual plans for your individual circumstances. By talking out all of your options for your otoplasty procedure, you will have a full understanding of what to expect from your newly altered ears post-surgery.


Your surgeon will have a few different options to choose from when deciding the best way to approach your case. During the surgery, regardless of the method, you will usually be under a general anaesthetic. In the right situation, the surgery may be administered under a local anaesthetic, with or without sedation. A well-hidden incision will then be made behind your ear to grant your surgeon the access necessary to remodel the ear cartilage to the desired ear shape.

After your surgery, you may experience mild discomfort for a couple of days. Your bandages will be removed the next day. Your surgeon will most likely ask you to wear a sports headband for one full week, then nightly for six additional weeks. This will help to support the changes made to your ears and give you optimal results following your surgery.


Scars can be a significant concern following any surgery, but they should not be a worry if you have otoplasty. The plastic surgeon will use small and well-hidden incisions so there will be only minimal visible scarring. Because the incisions are hidden behind your ears, your hair will usually cover up whatever small scars might be noticeable. The front of the ears themselves will also show no scarring damage, only the effects of your ear correction procedure.


If the specifics of this procedure are starting to sound right to you, its possible that you could be a good candidate for otoplasty surgery. Otoplasty is designed for people who want to improve the way they look by lessening their protruding ears. You must be in good physical health to undergo any surgery, including otoplasty, so be sure to maintain a healthy weight by eating nutritious meals and exercising regularly. It is also important that you have realistic goals for your surgery results. Your surgeon will be able to tell you the possibilities for your features, so pay attention and be sure you fully understand what to expect afterwards.