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Peptide Purity and Content: Frequently Asked Questions

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Peptide purity and content are some the greatest concerns of people purchasing research peptides online. The majority of buyers, especially first time buyers, tend to have difficulty wrapping their heads around the concept of purity, not knowing that great results will only be achievable if the right purity is used. Listed below, are frequently asked questions with regards this, to offer you more insights about purity and content, so that you are well informed when making your purchases.

What is peptide purity?

Peptide purity refers to the net peptide content in any batch of peptide. Peptide is usually composed of the actual peptide, and the peptide material. Peptide purity is expressed as a percentage, and a good purchase should be about 95{b530de9a2b6addcfe148a53c1403e628b5521bae0035b6bba311586e5b3dd9ed}, but in fact, Canada Peptide offers 97{b530de9a2b6addcfe148a53c1403e628b5521bae0035b6bba311586e5b3dd9ed}; mostly above 98{b530de9a2b6addcfe148a53c1403e628b5521bae0035b6bba311586e5b3dd9ed} purity, sometimes even above 99{b530de9a2b6addcfe148a53c1403e628b5521bae0035b6bba311586e5b3dd9ed}.

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How Pure should my peptide be?

The purity requirements for our peptide will depend on your specific application. Most vendors offer customize peptides synthesis that will meet your unique requirements, and all you have to do is determine the amount of purity needed for your research, and make a custom order.

What is net peptide content?

There is a difference between net peptide content, and total peptide content. Whenever you receive dry peptide powder shipped to you, it usually contains peptides, and other substances such as counter ions, absorbed solvents, salts and water. The total peptide content is the overall weight of the mixture. The net peptide content is the amount of actual peptide in the mixture. In most cases, the net peptide content will be between 50{b530de9a2b6addcfe148a53c1403e628b5521bae0035b6bba311586e5b3dd9ed} – 95{b530de9a2b6addcfe148a53c1403e628b5521bae0035b6bba311586e5b3dd9ed} of the total peptide content.

What is the recommended way of dissolving peptides?

The solubility of peptides varies depending on a number of factors, including the modifications and the amino acid sequences of that peptide. As such, there is no universal method for peptide dissolution, and you should follow the manufacturer’s or the vendor’s guidelines on dissolving that particular peptide.