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How to Reduce Anxiety in Children for Dental Treatments

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Are you worried about how to prepare your child for a dental treatment? Are you yourself panicking more than your child is? Here are some basic tips which can help both of you relax in this situation and make the dental treatment smoother than you could even imagine.

Do Not Transfer Your Own Anxiety to Your Child

Children have a free mind. They can only see the immediate and might react a little temporarily. But do not ever underestimate their skill of learning. Their eyes constantly follow you. They can see the high-strung eyebrows and can feel the quiver in your voice. That is the moment they think, they should imitate you, and unfortunately, the anxiety too gets transferred. That is when they start throwing tantrums, and things go beyond control. Here is some useful dentist advice from a Mt Gravatt Dental practice.

You can follow these simple methods to avoid the tussle:

  • Counsel yourself first and be rest assured that medical science is no more a primitive one, and the doctors know how to deal with children. They follow the latest ways to reduce the pain and discomfort for your child.
  • Children always wait to prove themselves worthy in the eyes of their parents. Once you boost that emotion in them, they feel encouraged. Explain, that it is just going to be a momentary discomfort (don’t use the word pain) and then the doctors and nurses would be surprised to see, how brave and tolerant you are. Show the confidence you have in him, and see the result.
  • It is helpful if one the parents have an appointment on the same day and they will be the main patient. and at the same time, you want to have your child’s treatment done and that the doctor wants to free the children first.
  • Feed them well, before entering the dental care, to keep their mood up.
  • Take something entertaining which can be used in the dental care premises.
  • Let the Doctor and the Child develop a good rapport, and for that you better maintain silence, just be there with an assuring smile.
  • Do not keep talking too much about your child to the doctor. They have their own methods. Let them deal with it.
  • Display your trust in the doctor. Your over anxiety can influence the way the dentist treats your child. The more you are calm and show that you have trust in your dentist, the better would be the treatment outcome.
  • You can ask for an opinion, from your child, if they need you there, and especially use the tricky sentence ‘if they can MANAGE it alone.’ That one word would boost up the child’s ego, and most likely, they can ask you to ‘Leave’.
  • Control yourself, if they scream a bit, assure yourself, that the time is moving forward, and it is anyway going to be over after a while.

Summing Up

Though Dental Care is a time-consuming procedure, it couldn’t hurt more than a chronic toothache. To cure them and relieve them from unbearable pain every now and then, you are taking up this momentary discomfort. If you yourself have this belief, it would automatically get transferred into your child, and the Dental Treatment can go smooth and come out successful.