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Is It True That Steroids Can Damage Your Liver

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We all know that steroids are very beneficial for gaining physical fitness. It not just improves the appearance and strength of a person but also enhances the immunity power and endurance of a person. Some steroids when not taken in a prescribed manner can cause certain side effects. Liver damage is one of the serious types of complications that are caused due to over dosage of steroids.

In what forms can one get steroids on the market?

Prescription based steroids are available in different forms such as pills, tablets, creams, injections and transdermal skin application patches.

Can a person take any form of steroid: oral or injection?

The strength of oral steroid differs from injection or tablet based steroid. So, different forms of steroid affect the body differently. Due to this reason, it is better to consume steroid as per the recommendation of the doctor. If you are consuming steroid for a medical reason or the cure for any ailment, it is important to take it in the way as recommended by the doctor.

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What are some of the popular anabolic steroids?

Anabolic steroids are widely consumed all over the world by body builders, athletes and fitness conscious people. They are available in variety of brands. Some of these popular brands include:

  • Winstrol
  • Anadrol-50
  • Oxandrin is one of the most visited websites that gives an authentic review of popularly consumed and recommended steroids available on the market.

What are the common types of ailments treated by steroid tablets?

Steroid tablets are prescribed by a doctor for the treatment for testosterone deficiency, breast cancer treatment, weight gain for people who are suffering from long-term infections, etc.

How does steroid consumption impact your liver?

Consuming steroid tablets can lead to building up of tumors in the liver. It can also do some other type of damage to it when used especially for long period and in high doses. Some of the signs of liver damage can be weak functioning of the liver that causes jaundice. This is very less possibility of happening in a person. Anyone who is keen on taking steroid in the form of tablets should know about this possibility.


Excess of consumption of steroid in terms of milligram strength or time duration can be detrimental to your health. It is thus very important to learn about the right dosage and side effects before consuming it. This will assure of its safe impact on your body.