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How Yoga & an Ayurvedic Diet Detoxes You

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Do you sometimes wake up in the morning feeling tired? It happens to everyone. But if you nap after every light meal you take, it’s probably because you have toxins in your body. According to Ayurveda educators, your body collects toxins from all manner of foods you consume. It then works tirelessly to remove these toxins-causing different effects in your body. Ayurveda cites presence of bad breath, body aches, slowed thinking and sleepiness as signs that you have these toxins.

Fortunately, combining an Ayurvedic diet with yoga can help detox your body faster and more efficiently. Here are 6 tips to help you get started with your detox routine and how your body will respond.

6. Prepare your System
There are certain types of foods that don’t help when you need to detox. Sugary foods, caffeinated products, dairy products, processed foods and anything else your doctor says add toxins in the body should be avoided. Gradually eliminate all these foods and replace them with healthier, meals.

Successful body detox is a process. If you want long-lasting results, prepare for this process properly. Inform your friends, family and work colleagues that you will be taking time off social media. Quit your addiction to unhealthy foods and train yourself to exercise before you even begin your detox mission. This way, your yoga exercise and the new diet will have more impact in your detox journey.

When I first became interested in losing my excess weight and taking my health seriously I decided to take a detox holiday in Bali to learn how to effectively keep myself in good health. This was a great investment for me and I benefits greatly from this, so this is another way to prepare yourself and your body.

5. Take a Wellness Retreat
There is no time you can’t take yoga. But if you are on a serious mission to rid out toxins fast, schedule time off for this mission. You will detox more when your mind is less stressed, when you have few work duties or no family to worry about at the moment. While on the retreat, it will be easy to concentrate on the healthy diet, meditate, exercise and do yoga in an efficient manner. Yoga stimulates your body to function in a more coordinated, more efficient manner. But when you are constantly stressed, overworked and eating unhealthy meals, yoga amounts to nothing.

4. Detox Diet
If you successfully found a retreat to concentrate on your detox mission, look for the right diet. An Ayurvedic diet comprises of special recipes that include, Kitchari detoxing, ghee, and several other healthy recipes. Kitchari is nothing more than mung beans served with rice. Ghee is used to lubricate the digestive system. Other Ayurvedic recipes contain a mix of proteins, carbs and vitamins but often will have few calories. The goal of Ayurveda is to help you ingest zero anti-inflammatory products, few calories and many antioxidants. The nutrients consumed through these meals when combined with proper exercising leads to enhanced body detoxification.

Ayurveda nutritionists propose a combination of foods to fasten the detox process. Eating sour and bitter foods, for example, helps improve body detoxification. Healthy, sweet foods provide the energy needed to keep you energized. Spicy foods boost metabolism while salty foods help with absorption of nutrients.

3. Yoga for Cleansing
Not all yoga poses will help you detox effectively. However, all yoga poses provide a form of exercising that is effective and less tiresome, for example. When used for detox purposes, yoga boosts liver functions. It helps with urinary issues, enhances proper sweating to eliminate toxins and improves digestion as well. Of course you will need professional assistance to grasp all moves that can help result in these benefits.

In addition to its low straining techniques, yoga provides results faster. With as little as 15 minutes of yoga, it’s possible to eliminate minor digestion issues. With 30 minutes of yoga, your body circulates the lymph nodes throughout your body efficient, helping eliminate unwanted toxins.

2. Enough Sleep
Some researchers say there is a link between lack of sufficient sleep and adding weight. For someone looking for a way to detox, sleeping for at least 7 hours should be part of your routine. The detox process often comprises of numerous activities that tire your body. Some involve draining energy from your body. You need the sleep to re-energize, build muscles and relax your brain for the next day. Sleeping is also a way to reduce stress. Relaxing your mind can help you relieve joint aches, mental stress or any feelings of discontentment you may have.

1. Long Lasting Impact
The Ayurvedic diet is not a get-fit fast plan. Its educators claim that it takes weeks or months to successfully detox with this diet. Don’t rush things, therefore. Exercise only as much as you can. Don’t strain your body. Allow your liver and other body organs to work at their ideal paces. When you feel tired and unable to do yoga, don’t force your body.

Eliminating toxins is a gradual process. It’s like eliminating any other infections out of the body. Think of how the flue gets out. Even with the best medication, it takes several days to eliminate the mucus and toxins associated with the flu. For yoga, it may take several weeks or months. However, once you relax, always step up your efforts to ensure you complete the detox process according to your schedule. People are different and you could probably detox completely in just a couple of weeks.